A Portable Electronic Writing Solution for About $100.

Hello world!

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  • Stephen Hill

    Thanks for your overview of the Winbook tablets. I just picked up a TW700, mostly to play around with. I use a Surface Pro 3 as main work machine. Which stylus are you using? Thanks again!

    • I’m using a little cheapy stylus I picked up from MicroCenter. It was like $3. I find, I don’t use it that often. It doesn’t work much better than my finger.

      • Stephen Hill

        Thanks. I have a crappy little stylus too. Doesn’t help much. However, using Windows Magnifier makes a huge difference when dealing with the tiny touch targets in the Desktop UI.

  • disqus_xaNAw0XoMB

    For what it’s worth, Microsoft Office is preinstalled on there, in the same WIMBOOT manner, to save space. Activating Microsoft Office on your TW700 will take a negligible amount of space.

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