Welcome to APOCalyptic PRODuctions

The official website of fantasy author Michael F. Haspil.

So what can you expect from this site?

Features that concentrate on story structure, storytelling, and what makes a good story.

Features on objects (Props) and the stories they can inherently tell, the meaning that objects have for people in letting them capture a small piece of a favored story, tutorials on how to recreate certain famous (or infamous) objects out of everyday found items, and even the quests people will undertake to seek out the perfect piece to construct an ideal replica of a beloved object.

The blog, “Quantum Froth Dispatches”, is really all over the place, covering flotsam from the quantum froth of baby universes and nano-instances.  Here you’ll find reviews of interesting items, books,  televisions programs, and films.  As well as discussions ranging over those same topics.

Astute observers may also note that a large portion of the blog covers aspects of Games Workshop’s tabletop game and hobby Warhammer 40,000.  Here you will find tips and tricks on how to hobby smarter, instead of hobbying harder, guides and tutorials to assist the neophyte and the seasoned veteran covering all aspects of the hobby.  Eventually I hope to have a repository of strategies and tactics that will help the hobbyist take his army from the conceptual list, from the sprue, to the paint station, and to victory on the tabletop.

Please enjoy your time here!

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