The Road to Adepticon: 1 Day to go.

Well, things got in my way as they do every year.  And I’m not going to get my new Space Wolf Army completed to my satisfaction.   I could get it finished for the con, but since a lot of these models are going to probably take part in my army for the NOVA later this year.   I think it is best not to rush them.  As it is, I’m probably going to have to redo 1 squad after I get back from Adepticon.   I did manage to get all the models (except Logan and Arjac) to the 3-color minimum required for the Adepticon Gladiator, so I’m going to call that as good enough.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll work on basing the entire army and maybe do some vehicle weathering so they don’t look too plain.  This is a good list, and I don’t want to waste a sloppy paint job on these.

Still, the last few days have seen plenty of progress.    The Grey Knights have passed muster, all banners done, battle-damage repaired, and Mordrak and his Ghost Knights are ready to take the field once more.

Then mostly because of my Space Wolves and my lack of foresight in buying custom battlefoam for the Caestus Battle Ram and Lucius Droppod (and having an extra guy tagging along for the trip at the last minute which is going to make the car cramped) I decided to forego my usual GK case (which has all the GK I own) and pack only what I needed for the list.  This also prevents my buddy Kenny from getting in my head and getting me to second guess my choices.  This year, I’ve got what I’ve got, no reworking the list on the drive over to Chi-town.  But I also managed to ninja the GK force into 1 GW case!  Thanks Battlefoam!  (And yes, trying to put armies in 1 GW case is kind of an obsession of mine…easier for air travel).

I had to get very creative for the Dreadknight (minus the base, it fits in a Battlefoam Rhino pre-programmed slot).

In order to do this and not have to re-glue the base on every time, I put some serious rare earth magnets in the base and in the Dreadknight’s feet.  Works like a charm!

But Grey and Space Wolves weren’t my only concern.  I’m playing Necrons with Team Battle-Ready on Saturday.  I had fought conventional wisdom for as long as I dared hoping against hope that the Necron Second Wave would come out before Adepticon.  My list relied heavily on a Triarch Stalker and a Nightscythe.  Alas, GW didn’t want to play ball.  So last week, I had to draw up a new list and assemble what few vehicles I had.  I repurposed some older models (Wraiths, Immortals, Warriors, and 2 Lords) but these would have to be repainted to match the new paintscheme.  I did that today and I’m pretty happy with the results.   The minis can still use some detail work, but overall, I think they show up at a very good table top standard and I’m happy with that.

And lastly, that brings me to my wolves.  It might not look like there’s been a lot of progress since the last update, but there actually has been.

  I’ll base these puppies tomorrow AM and then make sure that Logan and Arjac meet the minimum 3 color paint requirements.  Then if I still have time, I’ll do some weathering on the vehicles, since they look awful plain and prestine to me, and I don’t like that.  I was going to do that this afternoon and then I realized I had no way to transport my Battle Ram and Lucius patter dreadnought.   Found some old GW sized foam that I had on hand and carved it up.   Managed to get them both to sit in 1 GW case.

Due to the space in the care, I had to ditch the IG infantry backpack I wanted to bring the GK in and had to bust out the GW double-wide bag that holds 2 GW cases.  (I knew I’d gotten that for a reason!)   Worked like a charm.   So with that and my Pack Air carrying the SW and Necrons…. I might be ready to go.

Still have to base the Wolves though…argh.  A gamer’s work is never done.

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