The Road to Adepticon: 7 Days to go

8 Days to go.  (Really 7 days to go since we’re leaving on the 18th at O-Dark Thirty)

Finished with the washes and did the highlight coat on few squads with good results.  Painted yellow and the highlight yellow coat on the vehicles and it is coming along well.  I also got the shoulderpads done, with the exception of the detail work and decals (which will have to come much much later).  Unfortunately, don’t have good pictures and the events of the day caught up with me and I didn’t hit my quota for today.  Here’s hoping I can knock it out of the park tomorrow.

Still to do:

  • “Fenrisian Grey” highlights on remainder of squads
  • “Fenrisian Grey” highlights on Vehicles.
  • Blacken & drybrush inside of Drop pods with “Necron Compound”
  • Attach Shoulderpads to the Wolf Guard squads.
  • Detail work on Squads, exceeding 3 color minimum.
  • Edge highlight vehicle / Squads.
  • Weathering on vehicles / Squads
  • Basing for Vehicles and Squads


  • Paint Ghost Arc
  • Paint Annihilation Barge
  • Paint Command Barge
  • Paint fallen Necron tokens.
  • Rebase immortals, warriors, wraiths.
  • Write fluff story for army.

So yeah…. a lot of work to do.   Beginning to think I should have taken vacation preceding Adepticon just so I could get stuff done.   I’m on track, but this will be a significant achievement to get finished before we hit the road.  Thank God my Grey Knights are already ready.

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