The Adepticon Space Wolf Army Project: Update 4

End of Day  UPDATE

Lost some time due to some problems with masking.  My liquid mask did not work as intended.  Don’t know why, but it didn’t and ruined some work and I had to do some stuff over again.   Having said that, got all the Rhinos past Stage 1 painting and they are ready for detail work and weathering.   Got all the Long Fangs basecoated and got all the yellow shoulder pads for the entire army painted and washed.    Next steps is to hit the Rhinos with some level 1 weathering (the next step will have to wait for the detail work to be complete), need to hit the yellow shoulder pads with a highlight coat of paint then clearcoat them to get ready for some decals (Microsol to the rescue), and then some weathering on the pads.   While the pads will be drying, I need to basecoat the Grey Hunters and Thunderwolf Cavalry, and then paint all of them up to 3 colors.  Also need to paint the Grey Hunters Red Shoulder Pads, the Wolf Guard (Black and Gold) pads will get painted during the detail phase.   I also need to paint the Fenrisian Wolves and the Thunderwolves, but honestly don’t think I’ll get to them till Sunday since they are more traditional shades of gray, as opposed to the bluish-gray I’m using for the space wolves.   Here’s some highlight pictures so far.

Stage 1 Painted Rhinos  Front

Stage 1 Painted Rhinos Side

Some quick weathering I did to get ready for Stage 2 painting and weathering.

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