The Adepticon Space Wolf Army Project: Update 3

Assembly is complete.  Just picked up the last figure I needed from Gamer’s Haven, my FLGS.   Everything is primed.   Now I’m going to try to paint all these guys and have them done and ready for the tabletop by Sunday night!!!  Yikes!   Gonna be putting my speedpainting techniques to the test.   I’ll be posting progress pix as I go.    This is going to be an insane experiment.  Obviously, I won’t have all the detail work done like eyes and gold highlights on their bling etc… but I think I’ll be able to make it.

Here are some pictures to record the state of the army right now.

Heads ready for painting.

Shoulder pads and backpacks separated by color and ready for painting.

Rhinos — primed and stage 1 prepped for weathering and painting.


And finally, here is the entire force assembled, primed, magnetized, and ready for stage 1 painting.



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