Okay, so things are slowly getting back to normal, sort of…. kind of….

I’ve actually had a pretty good 2021 so far and I’m happy to announce all kinds of new things are coming. On the writing front, I’ve penned a bunch of short stories. I’m especially proud of “The Penultimate Stand of Pina Gracchi”, a great little sci-fi western yarn I penned for the GUNFIGHT ON EUROPA STATION anthology. It will come out from Baen on November 2nd, but is available to pre-order from all good booksellers right now!

I’ve also penned some great short fiction for some tie-in properties, but I can’t divulge the news just yet, hopefully in a month or two when the announcements become formal. But I’m happy to announce there’s a new Alex / Menkaure adventure coming out soon (hopefully from Baen), more news as that develops.

On the hobby front, I really need to update some of the photos in the miniatures gallery, I’ve done a bunch of dioramas including one of Alex and Marcus from my novel GRAVEYARD SHIFT. Also, I’m painting a brand new Blood Ravens army for some tournament play later this year. Should be really fun.

Also, I haven’t abandoned the QFD podcast. I do have some new episodes lined up, but it is slow going as I have a lot competing for my time.

All for now!

2 comments to Emerging

  • Cameron Kahrs

    Hey Mike, love the QFD podcast as well as The Long War. Finally got around to listening to your Mass Effect QFD podcast, and I would love to hear if any of your opinions changed, or what you thought about the Legendary Edition. I’ve been a long time ME fan so I am curious what you thought of the re-release. I should be going.

    • OMG. Sorry I am just seeing this now. I didn’t get the Legendary edition, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It’s because I would not have had time to play it anyway. So I think I might pick it up for the changes to Mass Effect 1 and replay that and 2. I still think that three is incredibly messed up due to the end. Thank you for listening to QFD! And I have more stuff coming soon.

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