Jan 2014 News

So yeah, it is January 2014. Lots of news. First things first. I know I was promising to do a write-up on Plot Grids and storyboards, but I found something better.  It seems Chris Mandeville, the lady who taught me about them, has put up a great write-up of her own! You can find it here: PLOT GRIDS.

Next, my current novel had a bit of a set back. But for good reasons. Hence, why the progress bar has moved backwards to fifty percent (and that’s being conservative, I’m probably past that. Current word count is well past 70,000 words, so there’s going to be a lot of trimming, or its going to be long.) Recently had to throw out some more stuff and the story has morphed in a fantastic way. It’s growing into something more than I originally imagined which is, after all, the fun bit of writing, when characters and situations surprise us.

I found a new generic role-playing system called FATE which may be better suited to helping writers than even GURPS (though without the wealth of background material). I’m still exploring it and its little brother Fate Accelerated Engine (FAE). Character generation is a cinch and very fast. Because the game deals with types and high concept character descriptions, it is extremely flexible. One more tool for the box and I’ll do a proper write-up on it when I’m done reading and experimenting with it a bit.

I had to take down my word pledge to 500 a day. My day jobs are kicking my butt right now and, to be honest, I haven’t hit my daily 1000 word count in about a month. But the important thing is to never stop. Just keep going. So I’m throttling down to 500 words for now.  (Most of the time, I plow on well past that number anyway.)

On the Warhammer 40K front, I’m working on two new armies. Imperial Fists with Blood Angel allies will see their tournament debut at the Las Vegas Open, which I’m really looking forward to. Second army will be a heavily modded Salamanders force that I’m building for an escalation league. So more on that as things get finished. Also, I might finally finish painting my Ortega crew due to a Malifaux painting contest down at Gamer’s Haven, and I need to get cracking on some Dead Man’s Hand minis as well.  Why do I find it easier to paint up 40K armies of 60+ models rather than small crews of 5 or 6?

Also, I hopefully will have some big news coming up. Just waiting for everything to finalize before making any public announcements.

Thanks for reading.

More soon.

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