APOCalyptic PRODuctions is back on the grid (again…)!

In late December, this website suffered a serious malicious software attack which embedded code to redirect visitors to a known malware site.  Through the help of some users, I was able to identify the attack quickly and took the site down to prevent further contamination.  I deleted everything and fell back to a known clean backup.  So the site is restored and malware-free.  I was a bit extra cautious and instead of falling back to my most recent backups, I went back a couple of months to a backup I was sure was free of any malicious code.  In doing so, I lost the content to some of the more recent posts and files.   I have offline backups of the files and posts, but in most cases they are not formatted or ready to post.  I will not be reposting all of the missing posts, but only the ones that received the most traffic.  These posts such as, “Pimp Your Monolith” LED tutorial and the Novel Templates for Microsoft Word, should be back up in the next few days.  I also need to test some functionality and I apologize in advance if users see multiple links to the posts in the various social media links.

Standby for new content as the site gets back on its feet.

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