Adepticon 2011: After Action Report.

Ah, Real life intruded in the last several weeks pretty hard.  I found out that we’re going to have to move which sets all manner of my life to the beat of pure chaos and then when I went out to Chicago early, I found out real life had decided to beat up on my friend pretty hard.  End result, didn’t nearly get all the hobbying in that we wanted to, so while I only had the details left to do on the new wolves I didn’t even get that done.  I wound up playing my old wolves.  Upside is that I now have an ultra-portable Space Wolf army that already looks really good and that I can keep detailing on the go while we’re moving.

Downside: As for Adepticon itself, for me, it was a mixed bag this year.   I wasn’t participating in the team tournament so I missed out on that, but my friends in the 40K Wrecking Crew wound up winning the entire thing which is pretty awesome.   My Space Wolves were apparently full of failsauce during the championship as my dice were simply abysmal, the worst rolling I’ve ever had since I started the hobby.

Upside:  On Friday night I was able to participate in the Black Library round table and found out some excellent facts about the publisher.  Additionally, I was able to pick Dan Abnett’s and Nathan Long’s brains and got a definitive answer on what “There are no wolves on Fenris,” means.


Dan Abnett and Nathan Long, Black Library Roundtable

Nathan Long (left) and Dan Abnett (right) at the Black Library Round Table.

On Saturday, I wound up playing the combat patrol, which was an excellent time and something I will definitely do again.   Sunday, brought up the Gladiator tournament which I was dreading after my performance on Friday.   My Space Wolves must have recovered from their hangovers or something because they showed up to the Gladiator.   I had three very solid games against some excellent opponents.  Somehow facing down some gargantuan creatures and huge apocalyptic war machines made the games fun again even though I was playing vanilla wolves. Three games where strategy and tactics actually mattered and the die rolls did not dominate the landscape and that’s the kind of game I really enjoy.

Now I’m back but I have some serious writing to do wrapping up the latest draft of my first novel and working on my submission for the Black Library once the submission window opens, so the irony is that after waiting for the Grey Knight codex and finally having it in hand, I have no time to actually work on a new Grey Knight Army.  So it goes.

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