The Adepticon Space Wolf Army Project: Update 2 – Battlefoam

Well True Believers, my Battlefoam got here yesterday.  I’m happy to report that my calculations were correct and that the foam fit very neatly into one standard GW hardcase.   It was such an elegant solution that I think I’m going to try something similar for my Grey Knight army, once I settle on a viable build that is fun to play, fun to play against, but still competitive (though shoe-horning a Stormraven into a single GW case along with everything else might be a chore).    After test fitting the foam into the case (and it is a snug fit), I bravely put my old space wolves into their assigned spots, along with a few extra guys just to see what I could get away with.   Then I bravely closed the case, took it to the top of the stairs and gave it the boot.  I did this 3 times.   Then I picked up the case and shook it.  I couldn’t even hear anything rattle.   Nice!

I opened the case and everything was perfect, although one of the Thunderwolf Lord’s magnetized arms had come off.  No big deal.  That’s what the magnets are for.   The bottom line is that I think that if this army, in the battlefoam and the GW case, suffers any damage I can’t repair with a little glue in a few seconds, then it is pretty much a complete loss anyway.   I’m comfortable this solution will certainly weather anything the airline industry can throw at it.   (Though I don’t want them to prove me wrong.)  Very happy that I can put a nice solid list complete with minor variants and vehicles in 1 GW case and that I can use the IG backpack that GW put out because it really is very cool.

As far as the rest of the project goes, I only have a few more pieces I’m waiting on.  My remaining Thunderwolves arrived today, so I’ll be getting out the greenstuff and working on their conversions this weekend.   I’m only waiting for 1 Space Wolf Standard Bearer, which I ordered from the FLGS yesterday.  I actually got a hold of some real-life 3rd edition Wulfen to work as my Mark of the Wulfen brothers!   And I’m just waiting on a few more Chapterhouse Studios bits to come in, (according to an email, they have shipped) and I’ll be ready to paint.

I’m hoping to get some magnetizing done today (in a little bit) and I may even get to priming the infantry!  But we’ll see.

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