The Adepticon Space Wolf Army Project: Update

Finally got all my bases in.   I decided to go with ruin bases from because I thought they would suit the space wolves well.  These bases look incredible and are festooned with all manner of details.  I can’t wait to get my figs on them.    Also, assembled the 3 Rhinos I’m going to using.  Each Rhino is unique and uses various bits from Forgeworld and ChapterHouse Studios.  Should let the Rhinos be characterful and yet at the same time look different so there aren’t any shell game shenanigans going on.   If my opponent forgets which Rhino my Runepriest is in, that’s his own problem.  Haven’t glued in the doors yet, since I’m going to need to paint them a different color, but those are done.   Still waiting on 2 Thunderwolves and a standard bearer.

Should have taken some progress pix, but other than 3 assembled Rhinos and a pile of bags with resin bases in them, there’s really not much to see.

I’ll be giving THE LIST a final shakedown this saturday at the local qualifier for the Feast of Blades.  Competition is going to be stiff, the best players in the Springs only have one store to play at.   THE LIST didn’t perform very well at GenghisCon, well it worked decently as expected in all but one game, but the missions were skewed so that I would really have a hard time.

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