Item Review: ArmyPainter’s Ready-made static grass ‘tufts’

Recently, I was just finishing a Nurgle-themed Chaos Space Marine Army when I realized I wanted to base them in a different way than I normally do.  I also wanted to try out a new product I had seen over at   The ArmyPainter people, folks who already made great colored primers and dips (both of which I used on previous armies) had come out with new ready-made static grass ‘tufts’ for use in basing miniatures.   They have a large variety of basing kits, from body parts and rubble, to poison ivy and razor-wire, but it was the tufts of static grass that got my attention.  It is an effect that I often see in magazines but I was unable to create it myself.  This army painter product made it extremely easy to get very good results quickly.

For the Nurgle army which is supposed to represent rot and decay, I went with the Highland Tufts for their paler color, though I think I would have been all right with their winter tufts (but those are reserved for my Space Wolves).  The product is very affordable, coming in right at $4.99 so it is a no-brainer to pick some up and experiment for yourself.   The tufts come already clumped together on a plastic sheet.   Just grab an appropriate tuft with a set of hobby tweezers, lift it off the plastic sheet, and glue it in place on the base, then add flock as usual.

Very easy and I got great results with it.   The ArmyPainter guys can be sure they’ll get my repeat business for this product as long as I have armies to base!

You can see the different kinds of fluff they have to offer on their web page here.

And here are a few pictures to show the results I got (and it gives me a chance to show off these miniatures as well, since I’m pretty proud of the paintjobs).



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