“The Artery”

This was our entry for the Boulder Shootout in 2010.   The Shootout’s are a very fun and interesting way to test one’s creative ability and potential.   You have 24 hours to make a film.  All editing must be done in the camera.  That often means you’re working on no sleep and no budget.  The judges do allow contestants to alter the soundtrack of their film to add music and/or sound effects in what counts for post-production.

This was our entry for the Boulder Shootout in 2010.

2 comments to “The Artery”

  • E

    This one needs to be re-attempted sometime. I think we gave the twist ending away early on in the production … so I am throwing this one back on my drawing board. However, if we do another Shootout, I have a script ready to go! Unless we go with your music video idea! Congrats on your revamped website too, Rogue.

  • Rogue428

    Yeah, website is coming along. Still a long way to go to get it where I want it to be.

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