The Road to Adepticon 2012: The 12 Days of Adepticon Prep.

So yeah, here I am again.  12 Days until I hit the road to go to Adepticon 2012.  This year I’m participating in 3 major events, the Adepticon Championships, the Adepticon Team Tournament, and the Gladiator.  I’ve decided to field 3 different armies.   I’ll be running a Mordrak list of Grey Knights for the Championships, playing Necrons for the Team Tourney, and hopefully, running a drop pod Space Wolves list (w/ some added Forgeworld goodies) for the Gladiator.  I’ll post the lists up as I get closer to finished with each one.

This is all the stuff I have to paint.

My mission, since I’ve now put myself in a corner and haven’t given myself an out, is to use the next 12 days to paint my Necron and Space Wolf forces.  I also need to base both of them and add decals and banners where appropriate.  Additionally, I need to write a fluff piece for my Necron Team and also come up with a way we can display our team banner.  It is a lot to do.  Luckily, I managed to get everything assembled so far.

I will try and document it all here as I succeed or fail.   This is it!  Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!