“Revising Fiction” with Kirt Hickman

Revising Fiction by Kirt Hickman

This weekend, I had the good fortune to attend an education event sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.   It was a workshop on revising fiction with author Kirt Hickman.  I can’t recommend the workshop, or his book of the same name, enough times.   I was first exposed to Kirt’s process last year at the RMFW’s Colorado Gold Writer’s Conference.  But there, he only had about two and a half hours to present a serious mountain of material.  I also picked up his book and read it twice.

I can’t be happier that I attended the full day workshop, not only did I get to reconnect with some old friends, but I welcomed yet another chance for Kirt’s “Revising Ficiton” process to sink into the old noggin.   On top of a great workshop, I got to reconnect with some of the RMFW staff, touch base with Jeanne Stein and Terry Wright, and even got to hang out with Carol Berg and a great bunch of ladies!  This was my first RMFW workshop other than the conference but it certainly won’t be my last.

If I had to recommend a few books to fellow writers, “Revising Fiction” would be right there at the top.   The book presents a comprehensive step by step process, complete with a checklist, starting from your first draft and going all the way through to submission.  The process is daunting and time consuming, but then so is writing a good novel.  With the marketplace getting more crowded as prospective venues shrink, editors, agents, and discerning readers will gravitate only to manuscripts which don’t contain a dearth of common and base problems.  Kirt Hickman’s “Revising Fiction” will help any writer avoid those common pitfalls.

You can pick up your copy here:  Quillrunner Press


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